Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shouldn't doughnuts be a choice?

A Senior Center in New York, which once received FREE day old bakery goods, has now been ordered to begin refusing the pastries. WHY? Because the county Office for the Aging sent a memo to senior nutrition centers announcing that the doughnuts didn't meet nutritional guidelines set by the Older Americans Act.


Should it or should it not be these people's decision to eat a friggin' doughnut? They are SENIOR CITIZENS!!!! These people have raised children, worked jobs, fought in wars, and by God if they want to eat a friggin' doughnut why is it ANYONE'S business to stop them?

Granted, the Seniors are still permitted to walk across the street to buy themselves pastries. That hasn't been taken away from them. Yet. But, stop and think that most Senior Citizens live on very limited incomes. They may not have the money to spare. Also, some may not be in good enough health to do something as simple as walk across the street.

It may seem like a small issue on the surface, but to me it's about the RIGHTS of others. They are adults. And if they want to make an unhealthy decision to eat junk food, them LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE! Sadly, for some of them, it could be the only thing they have to look forward to. Society shits on them, children forget about them......let them have what makes them happy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


If you haven’t seen the video of ANDREW MEYER getting his ass tasered by the police, it is something you NEED to see. Opinions are flying over whether or not he deserved to be treated with such force by police.

U.S. Sen. John Kerry gave a speech at the University of Florida. When Andrew Meyer asked a controversial question of him, and then demanded answers, the police stepped in to cut him short. For some reason, instead of calmly obeying the orders Meyer resisted and screamed. He pulled, tugged and yelled obscenities. You can hear the police warning him on the video that he will be tasered if he doesn’t comply.

But people are protesting his treatment! Rallying for disciplinary action to be taken against the police for reacting in a way that some say is too harsh.

Hey, I’m all for freedom of speech. The guy should have been given a chance to ask Kerry his question. And NO, I don’t like John Kerry. And yeah, the government are all a bunch of sneaky weasels who should be confronted about their wrongdoings.


Don’t fight the cops if you don’t want your ass tasered. He got what he deserved. Watch the video and tell me your thoughts.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Is being sexy a crime?

Really attractive women often stir up a lot of attention. I'd say they're used to that. But, is ANYONE so damn attractive that it's acceptable to kick them off an airplane?

Believe it or not, that's what happened to Kyla Ebbert , 23, of San Diego, CA. She was actually removed from a Southwest Airlines flight by a flight attendant for looking "too provocative, too revealing" to fly on a family airline. -WOW- Here's a picture of her in the outfit she was wearing that day.

After Kyla exited the plane and adjusted her outfit, she was allowed to reboard the plane, but sat covered in a blanket for the remainder of the flight. This poor girl was publicly humiliated and treated as if she were a leper! AND WHY? Look at her outfit! I've seen women wearing less than this at the grocery store for God's sake! I'd say for a 23 year old college girl, this outfit is pretty damn normal.

What about the passenger that sits next to you on the plane and REEKS of body odor? Or the person that talks your ear off when you just want some rest? These people are far more offensive than this girl! Let's remove them from the plane! Or better yet, let's refocus on passengers that may have a bomb in their shoe, or a knife in their pocket.