Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's not an urban legend. A baby was put in a microwave.

Every single day you hear a new story about parents hurting their children. Parents shake their children to death, drown them, hit them so hard that their little bodies just shut down. It breaks my heart and makes me MAD. What I find so awesome about children is their innocence and ability to trust. Children will love you no matter what you do for living, no matter how much money you make, or how much weight you put on. Children will always make time for you and have a hug or kiss when you’re feeling down.

And this is how they are treated? NO! It’s not okay. It is NOT okay to hurt your child. Yet the court system continues to put battered children back into the homes they share with abusive parents. “Everyone deserves a second chance,” the courts may say. And I agree. SO GIVE THE CHILDREN A SECOND CHANCE! Don’t put them back in the home where a known child abuser lives. And for God’s sake. If you are the spouse of someone that is abusing your child, or has at any time in the past abused your child, GET THE CHILD OUT OF THERE!

Case in point. Eva and Joshua Mauldin. (Click on link below to view clip) Boy, this case makes me angry. Joshua cooked his baby in a microwave for ten seconds. And his loyal wife is standing by him. How do you feel after watching the video?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Reverse racism?

Front page news articles are usually reserved for such things as murder, terrorism, hate crimes and infringements on human rights. So could someone please explain to me WHY a torturous rape and murder of a young couple from Tennessee has not been thrust into the spotlight?

Is it possible that it’s because the victims were white? Yes, that’s right. White. We typically think of racism being devoted to minorities. However, although rare, there is such a thing as reverse racism.

Take the case at hand. Twenty one year old Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, 23. Two white Americans that suffered a horribly violent, sadistic death. This couple was carjacked and kidnapped. Raped and murdered. They were forced to watch each other’s torture. Christopher had his penis cut off while he was still alive. Channon was still alive when her breast was removed. In the end they were strangled and shot. They were both set on fire. Hard to imagine a worse death.

So why haven’t we heard more about it? The police have made their arrests. Five men and a woman. They were all African American. The crime has not yet been labeled a hate crime, to my knowledge.

It saddens me that something so heinous could be being swept under the rug because of color. When James Byrd, was drug behind a truck in 1998 by animals that call themselves men, it was all over the news. And rightfully so. His murder was an atrocity. Imagine the fear and pain that man felt. He, like Channon and Christoper, met a horrible end for something as shallow as hate.

In the end, if you were the one being tortured, would it matter what color of skin the person torturing you had? Wouldn’t you want justice to be colorblind?

No equal treatment in America

A 4 year old girl named Madeleine McCann vanished from her room at a resort in Portugal recently. Her parents and two year old twin siblings were on vacation. I can't imagine the pain and devastation her parents must feel. I wouldn't wish such a nightmare on anyone.

Her smile beams up at you from front pages of magazines, web sites and news reports. She looks to be everything a little girl should be. Innocent. Trusting. Maybe to a fault.

Here's the controversy. Little Madeleine came up missing when her parents left the hotel room their children were sleeping in and went to dinner with friends at a restaurant some 50 yards away. Her Mother stated that they came back and checked on the children every 30 minutes. A lot can happen in 30 minutes. Obviously.

I AM NOT SAYING THAT THESE PEOPLE DESERVE TO LOSE THEIR DAUGHTER! I'm not saying they were asking for it. I'm not saying that I don't pray for them to find their daughter.

Here's what my point is.

Because the parents are both physicians and are obviously well off, I think they are being treated differently than the average couple. It seems to be a trend in America and it's not right.
Say, instead, that it was a single Mother leaving her children asleep in a trailer. Say, instead, that she works a minimum wage job to earn the money to pay for the trailer they stay in. And after a long, hard day, she went next door to play cards with a friend while the children slept. If one of HER kids came up missing, I guarantee the outcome would be completely different.

America caters to the rich. America seems to bend the rules for the wealthy. Shouldn't everyone receive the same judgement, regardless of their gender, race, or monetary status?

Think about it. It could be you that is judged one day.