Saturday, November 24, 2007

That's some good shit.

Kids will do ANYTHING for a buzz. I remember when I first heard of 'huffing'. I thought the idea of breathing in spray paint fumes to get high was the stupidest thing someone could do.

I stand corrected.

If you haven't already heard of Jenkem, let me introduce you. These crazy kids have reached a new low. And boy do I mean LOW! Jenkem is a mixture of human feces & urine that is fermented in a jar. Once it's nice and ripe, a balloon is attached to the top of the jar where the gas seeps into & it is then inhaled. THEY INHALE THE SHIT FUMES!!! It is said to give the user a euphoric response similar to ingesting cocaine but with hallucinogenic effects.

Now, I know some of you out there will say, "But Jenny. That's just an urban myth; something made up to scare people." And my answer to you will be this. Even if it BEGAN as an urban myth, somewhere out there someone has done it. Just to see if it works.

So be aware. If your kids start having an unusual interest in pooping, and you don't hear the toilet flush. It's Jenkem.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

FREE stuff from Walmart!

I've waited to post this until I was absolutely sure it was legit. You can get FREE STUFF from Walmart, and there is no catch whatsoever.
Simply go to Then under the "In Stores Now" tab, go to "Free Samples". I started doing this about a month ago and have gotten so mant items my husband finally asked me what the deal was with all the Walmart stuff.
This month they only have a few things to offer, but last month I got coffee, lotion, shampoo, exfoliating wash, crackers and post it notes. So GO GET SOME FREE STUFF and think of me.