Wednesday, September 19, 2007


If you haven’t seen the video of ANDREW MEYER getting his ass tasered by the police, it is something you NEED to see. Opinions are flying over whether or not he deserved to be treated with such force by police.

U.S. Sen. John Kerry gave a speech at the University of Florida. When Andrew Meyer asked a controversial question of him, and then demanded answers, the police stepped in to cut him short. For some reason, instead of calmly obeying the orders Meyer resisted and screamed. He pulled, tugged and yelled obscenities. You can hear the police warning him on the video that he will be tasered if he doesn’t comply.

But people are protesting his treatment! Rallying for disciplinary action to be taken against the police for reacting in a way that some say is too harsh.

Hey, I’m all for freedom of speech. The guy should have been given a chance to ask Kerry his question. And NO, I don’t like John Kerry. And yeah, the government are all a bunch of sneaky weasels who should be confronted about their wrongdoings.


Don’t fight the cops if you don’t want your ass tasered. He got what he deserved. Watch the video and tell me your thoughts.


Girl in the 206 said...

I agree...How can the police do their job if they are constantly scrutinzed for using force? They clearly warned him and he acted like a fool and resisted arrest. And why did he resist? To get on Youtube and make a celebrity of himself.

Testicleas said...

It saddens me to see how americans have given up their rights. The constitution is being torn to shreds and police are becoming an occupying army. I am in law enforcement and I feel that the officers were out of order. There are other ways to restrain suspects, getting tased is not a pleasant experience

Jenn aka Shadoh said...

Hmmmm... I am torn here. He was emotional but that usually happens with political issues. People have the right to say what is on their mind, if they do it in a respectful way. Not everyone shares the same opinion, ya know?....
His mistake was fighting, once he did that... his words were lost in his actions.
I don't know... It's not against the law to be a Ass. He got a lil out of control but I dont think it was bad enough to be tasered for.

joen05 said...

Wow. I think he got what he deserved too, he was way out of line. I don't think they were tasing him because of what he said. I think it was because he was resisting arrest. He was demanding answers in a public forum, and he had clearly outworn his welcome. I'm sure Kerry would have at least contacted him later if he had left calmly, or if he had written a letter. However, he did not, and he tried to fight, which is why that happened. He made a bad decision by trying to make an example of himself.