Monday, January 7, 2008

Bad guys hate pink

A small prison in Texas has turned everything PINK and the inmates actually hate it! Who would've thought that pink uniforms would actually deter hardcore felons? Well, apparently, they don't like it.

Sheriff Clint Low introduced pink paint to cell walls and bars. Even put pink sheets on the beds. And then, changed the prison uniforms pink. When I first heard this, I thought it was ridiculous. However, it is working. Yeah. Something so simple is working. Prison population is DOWN. And those that are in jail now say the uniforms will stop them from coming back. Prisoners with good behavior are rewarded by not having to wear the pink.

If it works, why not do this elsewhere? Why stop at a small jail? Obviously there will be those that don't care what they wear, but with taxpayers paying upwards of $ 35.00 a day per inmate, don't you think it's worth a try?

And if they hate pink, imagine what they'd think of having to wear yellow duckies on their jumpsuits. Or pink bunnies. The possibilites are endless!


Kellie said...

Omigoodness! I had to laugh out loud at this one! Yellow duckies on their jumpsuits! That is a classic! Maybe we could have some moms make some with little lambs on it too!

Bwaahahahahaha! Thank you for the laugh! Great post!

Anonymous said...

YES YES Pink bunnies! That is great. I think they should do that! Humiliate them into behaving!!!

Take Care- sassyfrass

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Idea!!

Jotenko said...

I have read as well that pink, and other pastel colors, reduce aggressive behaviors. I am sure there is a psychological aversion by some of the "hardened" criminals, though I doubt the fear of color schemes prevents them from committing crimes.


Anonymous said...

This is also from Jotenko:

"Behavioral psychologists speculate that there may be hormonal neurotransmitters in the eye that are stimulated by the discrete wavelengths of certain colors. These are thought to affect the hormonal output of the brain's hypothalamus, pineal, and pituitary glands, which in turn determine mood. In a series of highly publicized experiemtns, test subjects were placed in a small room painted a shade known as 'Baker-Miller Pink.' Within fifteen minutes of entering the pink chamber, say the researchers, the subject' muscles were tranquilized to the point of weakness, and there was a dramatic reduction in 'violent, aberrant, aggressive, self-mutilative behavior' in criminals, paranoid schizophrenics, and 'obstreperous youths.'"

Jon Krakauer, EIGER DREAMS

Anonymous said...

there is a warden in AZ that uses insane tactics similar to this and worse. He tells the inmates that complain.. "hey if ya don't like it... don't come back." I tried to find out who it was but couldnt find the article I read awhile ago.

I think it may work on some people but some are just so far gone it would aggrivate them more.

buttercup said...

Haha, thats great. I think they should so that in prisons around america!