Saturday, February 9, 2008

Raped without penetration

Sometimes I find things online that upset me so much, I am actually unable to find the words to express my anger. I saw this video a few days ago, and it wasn't until now that I could even try to write about it.

As a woman, I go to great lengths to hide my nudity. Nothing funny is intended in that statement. After two children, being naked in front of a room full of strangers would be a nightmare for me. The video I want you to see is very hard to watch. The victim is a woman named Hope Steffy, and her assailants are police; a room full of men and women that were called to Steffy's home by her family after she'd been assaulted.

Watch the video, listen to the story, and let me know how you feel afterwards.


Taylor Blue said...

What a horrible thing to happen...I watched part of part two but couldn't handle watching anymore. That poor lady...there are two sides to each story...but no matter what the case is, she didn't deserve that. And what the hell were the men in there too with her?? Horrible thing... :(

Sigit said...

What a shame! Fell sorry for the victim. Well, this proving enough for the victim to charge them back.. If i am the husband..... I'm gonna slay them all!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing story! Truley criminal what police can get away with.