Sunday, June 22, 2008


I am always excited to share the free stuff I find. (I'm sure I drive my family crazy with my new hobby.) Everything I post is really easy to get, you don't have to take any stupid surveys or anything, just give them your basic contact information and they send you stuff. You've got to LOVE it! I know I do.

Get a FREE Flexible Tuscany Cutting Board

Get a FREE sample of Teddy Grahams Trail Mix

Get your pup some FREE Pup-Peroni Snacks


lloyd belleza said...

thanks for the link. I linked u too. I am so humbled by ur review in linkreferral. With all my heart, THANK YOU. God Bless.

Len said...

Hi there Jenny! Thanks for visiting my site! You really do make me laugh..and this blog of yours, it is so funny it makes me forget my own woes! ...and yes dear, I feel so special that you've added me on your it's my turn to add you!