Monday, January 19, 2009

Say NO to Partial Birth Abortion

This article is not about freedom of choice, or being Pro or Anti abortion. Partial Birth Abortion is an entirely other issue all together. Partial Birth Abortion IS MURDER.

Tomorrow, Barrack Obama will become our new President. One of the first things he plans on doing as President is sign the Freedom Of Choice Act (FOCA). This act would eliminate every restriction on abortion nationwide.

  • FOCA will do away with state laws on parental involvement, on partial birth abortion, and on all other protections.
  • FOCA will compel taxpayer funding of abortions.
  • FOCA will force faith-based hospitals and healthcare facilities to perform abortions.

This video will give you a better idea of what happens to a child during a Partial Birth Abortion. While it is illustrated, and contains no actual footage, it is still difficult to watch. Please do what you can to help them.

I am urging everyone to read the expert analysis by Americans United for Life (AUL) and sign the Fight FOCA petition at this website. So far, they have over 400,000 signatures from concerned Americans that want this STOPPED! Please add your name to the list.

Thank you.


Gigi said...

Thank you for posting this! Our nation is going to be in trouble if this law is passed and I pity our country for even believing we could legalize such a heinous act against our unborn babies. But, I know that every baby who isn't given the chance to take his/her first breath will be in Heaven. And someday if that mother makes it there, she will see the face of the child that she didn't want to bring into this world.

Have a great weekend! I'm off to my best friend's house. I'm going to help her babysit grandkids today and then tomorrow we will have fun watching the Super Bowl! I'm cheering for Pittsburgh!!