Wednesday, March 4, 2009

That's some good crap.

What are teens doing to get high these days? You will be surprised. Some teens are experimenting with a inhalant called Jenkem, and what it is made of will disgust you. CLICK HERE to read more.


Gigi said...

I have heard of it once in my profession b/c the kids blew up the basement area. They had too much methanol in the air. It was funny for the parents to find them all covered in poop but sad to discover "why."

I must the swirling chocolate on your blog made me a little queasy as I read your poop scoop.

Would we call those huffers "brown nosers?" I'm glad I still find reason to complain when someone stinks up a bathroom and I come out gagging. People say, "Oh, it's natural..." Well, I don't care if it is natural--I still don't want to smell it!

I guess that is one reason why I will continue to play with the children, listen to them, and dream with them. They won't need other reasons to comfort themselves.

Thanks for sharing this information and for being such a super duper pooper sleuther!!

Do you know how to add tagboards to this blog site? I have tried several various HTML tagboards and chatboxes and can't seem to get any added on.

Reviewer11 said...

LOL! Gigi!!!!

Looks like they didn't make it on time. :P

Seriously though, that is so terrible what these kids are doing. :(

Jim said...

I am too afraid to even look. :)

Anonymous said...

It is awful what kids are doing nowadays to their bodies. I've heard kids getting high on different products, but never in my life on human waste.

Thank you for sharing the information.