Sunday, November 1, 2009

Enter to win a Frigidaire double wall oven!

Talk about a win-win situation! Frigidaire, along with celebrity Jennifer Garner, are giving you two great reasons to enter the Frigidaire double wall oven sweepstakes.

Most importantly, Frigidaire and Jennifer Garner are asking that you pledge to spend one hour with your child. For every pledge given, Frigidaire will donate ONE DOLLAR to "Save the Children" programs. That's reward enough, don't you think? But, in addition to supporting "Save the Children" programs, for each pledge you give, you will be entered into the Frigidaire double wall oven sweepstakes.

Read more and ENTER HERE.


Reviewer11 said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I'm so happy you are enjoying Sorority Life game on Facebook. I enjoy seeing you there. :)

May you and your loved ones have a fantastic and happy new year. :D

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