Thursday, July 5, 2007

I am not afraid.........of gay people.

Talk about a subject that gets people upset! Talk about homosexuality. I have always went with the motto: People fear what they do not understand. Homosexuality is something people fear. Yet I can't understand why.

Let me clear up some myths about gay people.

1. They are NOT sexual predators looking for a chance to leap on the first unsuspecting person.
2. They are NOT in need of conversion.
3. Some of them actually believe in God and worship him.
4. Their homosexuality is NOT contagious.

I am amazed that when I tell people one of my relatives is a lesbian, the first thing people usually say is, "Has she ever tried anything with you?" SHE IS MY AUNT! FAMILY! These same people have never asked me if my Uncle has ever tried anything with me. Why would my Aunt try anything with me????

Also, these same ignorant people will take a step back away from ME because my relative is a lesbian. As if, by being related, I will pass on homosexuality to them!

Another popular response is, "Has she tried therapy?"

WHAT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS! What a bunch of uninformed, sexually predjudiced morons!


Anointed1 said...

People like myself who object to gay people are not afraid of them. Having spent 9 years in southern california I came across many and worked with a few.
What I objected to was the actual lifestyle, not the person. It doesn't take much sense to see that we as creatures were designed to work and function in a specific way. Mene with men and women with women just isn't natural. If it was as you probably think then there would have only been one gender not two. The two were created to compliment each other and worj with each other (together). Afterall, that's why same sex relationships can't procreate. Also, seeing their parades on TV each year (which were by the way pretty vulgar) reinforced in my mind that theres is something just not right with the majority if not all of these people who have "chosen" this lifestyle.

jasyjen said...

Thank you for stating your opinion in a way that was not hateful. I appreciate that very much. I am not sure though, if most homosexuals 'choose' their lifestyle. There are some that do, however true homosexuals cannot help who they are. Just as you and I can't help who we turned out to be.

Anonymous said...

people like myself, who tend to take the "live and let live" approach to life, can look at most "life styles" with a certain amount of indifference. for instance, if gay/lesbian couples were allowed to marry, what would that do to the divorce rate in this country? it would certainly lower it from an over 50% standing the way it is now. not to generalize, but in that life style, same sex couples tend to last longer together than hetro couples. that's just one for instance. would it promote "what's next? marring a goat is o.k.?" if marring a goat is the 1st thing that pops into your mind when talking about gay/lesbian couples, homosexuality is the least of your seems to me, that alot of these so-called religous leaders, the ones that have a huge problem with "that deviant life style" are usually the ones that have some serious skeletons in thier closet, and practice things "behind closed doors", that would make the "average" person say "damn, don't that hurt?", yet because they come from a place of authority, they are allowed to make others life styles "wrong" do you spell "hypocracy"? as for "choosing this life style", if it is truely a choice, why do so many stay in "the closet", where they can hide from predjudice and hate? and in case your wondering, i "choose" to be hetrosexual, and i did add to the divorce rate of this country, i HAD a gay uncle, who was the victim of a hate crime against gays, when 2 ignorant, mudering a'holes put 2 bullets in his head in new york about 15 years ago, and he wasn't the steroetypical "flamboyent" gay type, he wore a suit and tie to work every day on wall street, but coming out of a gay bar sealed his fate....sorry about the rant, i mean no disrespect, but when i hear "it's just not natural" and then look around and see so many other things on this planet, natural looses {sp} all meaning

Anonymous said...

oops, my name is Doug, i'm 43 years old, i live in maine, and you can forward all hate mail to 1600 penn ave, wash, d.c.....the above rant does not reflect jens opinions.....i don't think anyways......

Anonymous said...

My issue...ignorant people. I cannot stand injustice. It just absolutely boils my blood to hear these so called "Christians" persecute homosexual people.

and just to clear something up about "us Catholics". It is stated in the Catechism, that it is NOT okay to hate homosexuals, that God condemns the act of homosexual sex, NOT the homosexual. Says that homosexuals are not sinners by the mere virtue of being homosexual, and that they have a tough road (i am so paraphrasing obviously) Sorry I had to rant there Jen, i just heard some a**hole on tv the other night blabbering on and on about how the Catholics condemn yada yada yada.....anyway, get over the hate people, it serves no purpose. Now dont get me wrong....I am all about hating idiots!! ha ha ha

Kellie said...

I love this post! I linked to you in mine and I hope you don't mind.