Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Teen loses feet on amusement park ride

Since reading this headline last Friday, I have been unable to get this story out of my mind. I’ve waited to write about it, hoping the details would become clearer. They haven’t. To view the details of this story, please go here: http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/06/22/six.flags.accident/index.html

This has to be one of the most horrific things that could happen to a person. Imagine, having your feet completely amputated without any pain killers, anesthetic, or even warning! This poor girl will have nightmares the rest of her life! And IF they have been able to reattach her feet, surely they will never work the same.

BUT HERE’S THE THING! Here’s what has really got me speechless. I’ve talked to several people about this story, and all but one had the same response. “She’ll be rich though.” Every single person, except the one, responded with a comment about money. Would money make it all better?

My question to you is, would you be willing to go through the same ordeal as this young girl did in order to cash in? And if so, what’s your price?

As for me, there’s not enough money in the world.


Tara said...

As I was reading the story, all I could think about was how painful it must have been, and how that girl's life will never be the same. Money can't change that, or make the memory go away.

Anne and her Yellow Handgun said...

I definitely didn't think about money when I heard this story at all... I thought about how absolutely horrifying it would be to have your feet amputated! I'm really pretty low on funds but I'll keep my feet, thank you.


Saviour Onassis said...

I agree. I've been following that story as well.

What a horrifying ordeal, for the girl, everyone around her, etc. It actually never crossed my mind that she would get a settlement. For people to respond like that so quickly just shows you where our society is these days. What happened to empathy?

Anonymous said...

In Fantasyville, working-class heroes would be milking this ill-fated but lucrative cash cow for all it was worth. However, back in the real world, you and I and everybody else we know would be boozy, coked-up freaks trying to forget the lousy way we got rich. As you said, there just ain't enough money.

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