Saturday, June 16, 2007

Father-less Day

In a time when the word WAR is heard everyday, there will be many Fathers absent from their families on their special day. Father's Day.

Instead of being home, curled up with their children, they will be fighting for our freedom. Instead of playing catch, or grilling out, they'll be covered in sand in a hot desert very far away. Too far away for a hug, or a kiss. Too far away from the ones that love them to even hear the words, "I love you, Daddy."

It will be these men that I will think about on Father's Day. As we celebrate Father's Day at our home, enjoying time together, playing ball in the back yard, I'll be thinking of all the Daddies that are without their children.

I'll be thinking of all the little girls that only have a picture of Daddy to kiss good night; a teddy bear to hug. And all the little boys, wearing their, "My daddy fights for our freedom" t-shirts as they ask their Mommy "When's Daddy coming home?"


Larry said...

A very well written piece.

Thank you :o)

Taylor_Blue said...

go to my blog later to see the award you got!