Saturday, June 2, 2007

"Gentlemen's" Clubs relates the meaning of the word Gentleman to be: a man of good family, breeding, or social position.

Hmmm………not exactly what I envision when I think of a man at a strip club. Somehow seeing a man sitting at the front of the stage, looking on as a young girl spreads her legs wide, wearing nothing but string underwear, doesn’t denote a sense of family man to me.
Why must we disguise what is really happening in these clubs by calling it something that it’s not? Are the owners of these clubs ashamed? Or is it a mask that the patrons like to wear going in? Perhaps it’s for the sake of the women that work there. What is the point of calling it a Gentlemen’s Club?

And what about the women that work at these clubs? Call an ‘exotic dancer’ a stripper and she will become offended. Is this because the work she does in not offensive? Again, we are sugar coating the truth for the sake of others. Calling a stripper a dancer is laughable. There’s no dancing going on in these places. Grinding on a pole, or on the lap of one of the “Gentlemen” that go in to the club is hardly dancing. Calling a stripper a dancer is like calling me a poet. It’s a BIG STRETCH, people!

Living in a Military town, I’ve seen my share of topless bars and strip clubs. Notice, I just used two separate words but you know that they are the exact same thing. Right? Those are HONEST words. They are what they are. Calling it a Gentleman’s Club is a lie.

My point is not to pass judgment. If you go to the clubs, fine. If you work at the club, fine. Just don’t insult my intelligence by calling it something that it’s not, just so you’re more comfortable with it.


Susan Summers said...

I've always thought the same thing! I remember when the name first changed, I thought it was a lodge or something. Guess I was wrong.

Larry said...

That's always the the way it is, if a name begins to take on a sleezy reputation, they have to change it to something more exceptable.

I remember when a Land-fill was called the City Dump, Sanitation Engineers, were garbage collectors, and Custodians were Janitors.

apanickingharlequingirl said...

yes! thank you for pointing out something which so often irks me. these are not "gentlemen," they are disgusting and desperate losers in the form of human beings. and thanks also for your post on my page. much appreciated!