Friday, August 31, 2007

Michael Vick sorry to be caught

Michael Vick is NOT GUILTY of illegal dog fighting. He didn’t do a thing wrong!! Leave Michael Vick alone.
Oh wait. Hold on a minute. Yes he is GUILTY. For a moment I forgot his sudden revelation of wrongdoing.

A few days ago he stood in front of the cameras, looking sincerely sorry. He gave a great speech acknowledging his misjudgments. Acknowledging his mistakes. His GUILT. He even made it a point to apologize to the kids that look up to him.

Someone wrote him a great speech.

Hey, I’m not trying to be cynical here. It’s just my belief that people don’t become that remorseful that quickly. I believe that Michael Vick is sorry to be caught. He’s sorry he had to reveal the truth. He’s sorry ONLY because he was backed into a corner and unable to deny the charges any longer.

As I’ve written many, many times before. Celebrities get away with murder! Sometimes literally. They should lock him up in a room with a 7’ tall, 450 lb dog lover. And then turn a blind eye to whatever goes on; just as he did.


Anonymous said...

hey jen, i'm not sure if it's because you love animals and this particular story touched on that nerve, but take a look at the headlines on a daily basis, nobody admits guilt to doing stupid/ dangerous/ illeagle things, that is until they are backed into a corner with either mountains of eveidence, or in some cases, {like that politician who was caught on tape offering an undercover cop, oral sex for money in a mens room} undeliable evidence.....this is the land of the free and the home of too many talks and bullsh*t walks....the legal system in this country has never been an "equal operunity" system, it's always gone to the highest bidder, and gawd forbid you add celebrity status to the mix.....a few years back, there was a hockey player, he played for my team, the bruins, he came out of a strip club one night, drunk off his ass, and killed someone in a drunk driving crash {notice i didn't say drunk driving accident} because of his status as a "sports star" he basically walked , now he's a head coach in the N.H.L., his name is craig mctavish....that still pisses me off....speaking of hockey, getting ready for the upcoming season? i know i am

Anonymous said...

i always forget to sign these things, i don't blog, so it doesn't do it for above random babbling was spewed out by your friend in Maine.....Doug

jasyjen said...
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jasyjen said...

ha! The post I deleted was actually my own. Mispelling.....when I see one, I have to fix it. LOL Here is the post.

Hey Doug. To drive home your point, two words. Bill Clinton.

nuff said.

Jenn aka Shadoh said...

Did ya sign the petition I sent and email NFL when this all broke out? I send petitions all the time. They usually just get deleted but I still send them, what they do with them is up to them.
It does not matter to me if he is a NFL player or Joe Schmo down the street. It is unacceptable and there is no need for such barbaric behavior in this world anymore.
His words will ring true to his fans who look with a blind eye....
His words will be amusing and SNL material for some... I just hope the issue for which he is found guily of does not get lost in the media circus, nice suits and expensive lawyers.
Stopping cruelty to animals is becoming more than just a sticker. People are learning and getting involved helping pave a way for humane rights for animals.

The Sannas said...

vick is a twat. still is. he's only remorseful because now his contract and $$$ is in question. what a bastard... and for those taking his side (clinton portis, redskin! grrrr) and saying that #1: the dogs are his property and/or #2: it's the south and that's what they do, are uneducated morons. in the south, they use pitbulls to help cowboys wrestle bulls... duh! do your research people. it's not okay and it's not his "property"... they used to say that about slaves until changes were made... how can people ever put up with murder... and how can you think that a person capable of killing another living thing could possibly have anything to add to society.

sorry for the rant. one of my passions are these dogs... lord knows my two pains in the butt i have.