Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ho Ho NO!

I am soooo tired of hearing how offended everyone is about everything! It's gotten to the point where anytime you say anything at all, SOMEONE is taking it the wrong way.

Don't agree? Well listen to this! Ho Ho Ho is banned in some malls! Yeah, you know the phrase that we've heard Santa say for how long now? For freakin' ever! THAT'S HOW LONG! Funny, when I was a little girl crawling up on Santa's lap and he said, "Ho Ho Ho" to me I didn't think he was calling me a slut. The thought never crossed my mind. IT WAS SANTA FOR GOD'S SAKE!
Well I guess someone out there finds this offensive because in certain places "management" doesn't want it said. They want Santa to start saying, "Ha Ha Ha". Please.

I'm so tired of walking on eggshells to try to please everyone! What's next? We can't say "Bless you" anymore when someone sneezes because we're violating their freedom of religion? OR maybe I'm sexually harassing my coworker when I tell him a customer was a pain in the ass? I mean ass IS in the sentence, it could be taken as sexual.

Why doesn't everyone just lighten the hell up? Why are people constantly searching for ways to be victimized?


Taylor Blue said...

I think it's dumb to ban santa from the malls just because someone said so. I heard that they are doing criminal checks now so they aren't caught doing something bad to the that taking innocence away or what?

val said...

I thought I was the only one who felt this stupid. My thoughts...if your mind is in the gutter, your body is there too........