Monday, March 31, 2008

One email could help protect children.

What would you think of a program that would alert you when a sex offender moved into your area? Would there be anyone opposed to this, except for maybe the sex offender himself?

The Department of Law Enforcement in Miami-Dade county in Florida is doing just that. They are contacting people via email to inform them when a sex offender moves within 1/4mile - 5 miles of their neighborhood. What an ingenious, yet simple, idea! All you do is register with them online and you're put on their contact list.

Just think of how many lives this could potentially save. Remember Jessica Lunsford? Such a beautiful little girl, taken much too soon by a repeat sex offender. When her body was found, she was only 150 yards from her own home. That is sickening.

What could we do to save these children? For one, all states could do exactly what the Miami-Dade police are doing. And I don't even want to hear that we'd be invading the rights of the sex offenders. They gave up that right when they decided to prey on innocent children. If it were up to me, they'd all be castrated and tattoed with the word "PERVERT" on the front of their heads.


Girl in the 206 said...

A while back I came across a web site that would tell you where the sex offenders live in your neighborhood. You would just type in your address and then they would pop up in a map, like google maps. I was shocked to find so many so close to me. I think everyone has a right to know who their neighbors are, especially if they have committed crimes.

Anonymous said...