Monday, April 14, 2008

Youtube steps up

I'm sure you've heard about the eight teenagers in Florida that allegedly beat another teen. (It's comical to me that you have to insert the word "allegedly" in there when it's on videotape) They filmed it so they could post it on YouTube. The video shows how savage people, even children, can be to one another. Six teens ganged up on one sixteen year old girl, while two others stood watch outside. Six against one. Cowards.

Well, the kids wanted to be seen and they've certainly accomplished that. However, while researching the subject I was unable to find the video on youtube. I could find clips of it on news sites, but no video of the actual fight on youtube. In addition, youtube isn't allowing any posts of the attacker's contact information on their site. I commend them for that. In refusing to post the video, I'm sure they've unintenionally redirected viewers to other sites. I think it's noble of them to not air it. (yes, I'm sure there's some kind of legal reason behind it, but still)

What if youtube set the bar for other websites?


Anonymous said...

Yes I have seen it and what a shame is all I can say. The girls all found the fame they were looking for not on U- Tube or any other web site, but now they are on the world news, so will the results of their trials. They want to charge them as adults, I hope they accomplish that, they certain knew what they were doing, lets give them the fame they so desperately need, put there names in the record books forever, the record book of the jail system, wonder how they will be treated there?? Not like the famous people they wanted to be. What do you think????