Sunday, September 7, 2008

Death By Smoking Ban

It's a sad fact. While banning smoking from public places does promote a healthier environment, it has also put many people in danger. Not just in American, but worldwide. You could call it "Death By Smoking Ban."

Smokers have really been portrayed as "the bad guys". And sadly, there are a select few out there that are just reinforcing that image by becoming violent.

In 2007, former British heavyweight boxing champion James Oyebola was shot in the neck in a London club after he asked a group of men to stop smoking. Smokers killed a man because they were asked to quit smoking.

In 2003 a New York bouncer was stabbed to death while trying to enforce the city wide ban at the club he worked in. Stabbed by smokers while trying to do his job.

And if you "google" this subject yourself, you'll find other examples of the violence I'm talking about. Of course, not all smokers are bad people. My husband is a smoker for goodness sake! What people seem to forget is that it is an addiction. The smokers out there are desperately addicted to the very thing that's slowly killing them. And some will even kill for the right to do it.


Anonymous said...

The absolute arrogance that ban people exhibit by constantly returning to disrupt local affairs until they get a TOTAL ban is disgusting. They have absolutly NO concern for local business people who spent many years developing a business. Many smokers just go to bars that safely ignore the ban. No problems.

staci said...

I smoke, but I respect others that don't. It boils down to people thinking what they want to do is above what the majority of others want.

Anonymous said...

It is the height of arrogance that anyone in this country would think it is acceptable to engage in any activity that impinges on the rights of others. If a person wants to smoke, fine. But not in my face, while I want to eat, or around my children. If I go to a smoker's home, or ride in their car, I just have to put up with it. But in public places I simply shouldn't have to.