Saturday, September 6, 2008

Insane cakes

Sometimes people with imagination and creativity get a little dangerous! Check out these cakes I found online. What kind of twisted mind came up with this stuff? I mean seriously, on what occasion is a "Kitty Litter Box" cake needed?

And what Mother To Be wouldn't want to have this precious cake at her baby shower?

And how could you pass up a piece of the ever popular "Murder Scene" cake? Slice into a piece of THIS!

And why not eat a piece of this cake designed to look like the human digestive system. Mmm.......

And I saved the best for last. COULD YOU EAT A PIECE OF THIS THING???? I don't think so!


insanejane said...

That is disgusting and really really weird. The toilet cake disgusted me the most.

Gayle said...

Ok, those are different. Not sure I'd want them but to each his (or her) own! Thanks for sharing them.

K. Karl said...

You did warn us! Did you make those yourself??