Thursday, November 13, 2008

I sold out.

Okay.......I've been away for awhile, and in all honesty it is because of money. Blogging is fun, but there's no moula involved. It's just something to pass the time. However, I found a website that actually pays you to write articles, so I've been spending LOTS of time there. Basically, I sold out.

But I am sharing the wealth by telling you about it! See? Some good did come out of it. (wink-wink) If you like to put your thoughts onto paper, and possibly make a little money in the process, check out this site. Associated Content.

Not to toot my own horn (OKAY, I'm tooting it!) but I was named one of three top new producers for the month of October! YEAH ME! Why not check out some of the things I've written? You never know, you could be inspired to write something yourself. Membership is free, and you meet lots of other people that share the same passion for writing.

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jcrn said...

Nice job promoting AC and your blog rocks, too!

Reviewer11 said...

Hi. I love the look of your blog. :D

This entry sounds cool, but is AC safe for submitting your work? :/

Later :D

I can't wait to see your next blog entry.