Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thank God the election's almost here!

Yeah! It's almost over......all those negative ads.........all the lies........all the.........POLITICS! I'll be so glad when my phone stops ringing with political messages. So relieved when my mailbox isn't full of political newsletters.

But until then.....let's have a laugh or two at the hopeful candidate's expense!

Here is the very popular McCain/Obama dance off. GREAT!

And you MUST visit this website. It's just fun! The more stuff you click, the more things happen. Don't just open the door once. Do it lots of times and see what different things appear. Save the red phone for last. It's a blast! PalinAsPresident.


Grill Girl said...

That video is hilarious. Thanks for a good laugh today. And, yeah, I'll be glad when the election is over too. Too much negativity.

Side note: Do you know how to do that new follow a blog from the home page? I'd like to bookmark you, but I have not figured that out yet.

Tks, Cyndi

Jim said...

Obama! Obama!